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Inevitably, the Frosinone must loosen the pressure, but before the interval rossoblù nonetheless create little, apart from a conclusion of central Bessa and blocked by Sportiello. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV THINK YOU – In Prandelli recovery relies on Pandev (outside Biraschi), the race number 400 in Serie A, to give more vitality to maneuver rossoblù offensive and switches to 4-2-3-1. The Frosinone try to hold on, playing with nine men in their own half, try to lower rates, while Genoa grows.

Sanabria (12 ‘) hits the head over the bar, but the rossoblùs often banging against the defense of Frosinone. Too predictable manipulation of the hosts, and the team Baroni (replacing Pinamonti with Ciofani) took the opportunity to defend without too many worries zero to zero. Only around half an hour the thrust of Genoa becomes continuous, especially in the left lane with Criscito.

The entry of Ciofani instead of Pinamonti gives it more liveliness to host the game, and the result does not change. The crowd does not like: the north bleachers get a few whistles. It had never happened in the management-Prandelli. From our network: Prandelli: “We accept the result, but we had to win …”. Baroni: “Compact with the man down.

Salvation? We do not give up. ” Filippo Grimaldi

July 16, 2014 – Milan The photo Jovanotti has posted on his Facebook profile The announcement comes via Facebook, complete with holiday snap tank top with flowers and hat: Jovanotti (pictured) has been working on a new album due for release in January. “I am in the new disc factory, in the recording studio, which in recent months is my beach, my mattress, my rock, my popsicle my rackets, my empty city and my cosmic watermelon.” But “I have some pieces that are just driving me crazy and I wish they maintained the hard way through this air istintivache is taking in sound and arrangements.” The singer, a veteran of the South American stage of his last tour (in Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia between March and April) anticipates: “In the autumn we close two months in a legendary studio that has seen the history of mu physics, we throw away the key and say we come to open the door at the beginning of December and there you will see if we have made a cool and I know that we made. ” Jovanotti also predicts “a pair of new” in addition to pieces but – on the subject – it will not lean more. Francesco Rizzo

November 24, 2017 – MilanoPistorius: doubled penalty for the murder of his girlfriend insaprimento The sentence was one of the hypotheses and Oscar Pistorius conviction for murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp has been doubled. From six (there were five in the first instance, on charges transformed from a voluntary manslaughter with extenuating circumstances) to 13 years and five months in prison for the former Paralympic champion, guilty of murdering his girlfriend the night between 13:14 February 2013. the prosecution had filed an appeal demanding a heavier sentence since the murder provides for a minimum sentence of 15 years.

To decree the tightening of the sentence a 5 judge panel of the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein: Judge Willie Seriti, with an announcement of a few minutes, said that it was accepted the appeal of the prosecutor who had called the first lenient sentence in a shocking way. On TV the truth Pistorius The new sentence of 13 years and five months has given the time that Pistorius has already served in jail and under house arrest, said Seriti.

Pistorius, who turned 31 on Wednesday killed Steenkamp in the early morning hours of Valentine’s Day in 2013 after he shot four times through a closed door of the toilet in her home. At the trial he defended himself by saying that he had mistaken the girl for an intruder. Initially sentenced for manslaughter, the verdict was later canceled and replaced with a conviction for murder by the Supreme Court in 2015.

Now the lawyers remains only one way if they want to challenge the Supreme Court’s judgment, and that is to appeal to the Court Constitutional, the highest court in South Africa. Gasport

August 1, 2018 – Milan Sime Vrsaljko. EPA Sime Vrsaljko is in effect an Inter player. The Croatian has in fact completed the medical tests, carried out as is normal before all’Humanitas then the cones, and then the Nerazzurri headquarters in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, in the presence of sporting director Piero Aid, signed a contract by three million per season that bind to the Nerazzurri for the next five years.

The transaction, announced last night from Atletico Madrid, he lived then, the last act: deal worth 24 million euro in total, 6.5 and 17.5 onerous loan for redemption in 12 months. The Croatian is not, however, remains in Miano: no fact yet over the holiday period is due to him after the World Cup, will return to training at Appiano only next week, when he has to know his new teammates.

And ‘the purchase number seven of the campaign Inter purchases, with the consequent enthusiasm of the Nerazzurri fans. The club announced on the website sold out of season tickets: 37 000 the overall figure, the rest will be sold from time to time for individual games. It is the dual roles of Inter (waiting Modric …) David Wicks

March 16, 2019 – Milan The host in Shenzhen is a 229 cm giant that never goes unnoticed. Not only because China is a monument, almost like the Great Wall, but because with his talent contributed to making basketball one of the landmarks of the country hosting the first World Cup to 32 teams.

Yao Ming will be Kobe Bryant with the great ceremonies of the draw of the first phase of Italian 11:45, and his talent that brought him up in the NBA (first overall pick in 2002) is one of the reasons why China hosts for the first time in its history, the tournament champion. At 38, after having ended his career because of too many injuries, Yao has made the most of the lessons learned in the US and put them at the service of his country.

As head of the CBA, the Chinese basketball league whose popularity continues to grow. And as an ambassador of the World which begins Aug. 31.

Yao, what to expect from this World Cup? “First of all that China gains a place at the Olympics in Tokyo. I still remember the 2008 Games in Beijing and what they did for us. I expect the World gives us another push to promote basketball in China. It will also be the perfect platform to show the rest of the world how much passion there is for the sport here with us and you will see very “passionate fans.

Would you like to be on the field? “No, I’m too old to play. But each of us, in their respective roles, has always been at the service of our national team. Maybe in the past as a player and now as coach, as the c.t. who played with me, or as an executive like me. ” How do you think that his career in the NBA has helped the growth of basketball in China? “It has helped to raise awareness of international basketball to our fans.

And I expect that in this world has the same effect. ” Yao Ming at the time of the Houston Rockets (EPA) What is the most important lesson he has learned in the NBA? “English. I did not speak a word before going to Houston. Knowing this language has opened many doors to me, it allowed me to travel the world and confront different ways of understanding basketball.

There’s only one way to play, but there are so many different styles. Just think of the difference between FIBA ​​and NBA basketball. ” How has the relationship with the basketball in China? “I remember when I watched him as a child: the arenas were filled with people, the fans cheered the players on the pitch. Nearly 40 years later, our halls are larger and more comfortable, the audience grew as media interest.

I think that the passion has not changed in all that time, but that basketball has reached many more cities and more areas of the country than before. ” It would take another Chinese player in the NBA to grow further? “I am convinced that sooner or later it will happen. We have a huge pool of potential talent to draw from, we just have to improve our development system and wait patiently for our young people to grow up “. The NBA has a huge popularity in China has always been so? “No. When I was a child, our heroes were the players who went to the national to represent our country.

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